Developer unveils new design for ‘One Park’ development near Cherokee Park

April 23, 2019

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — It’s not quite the so-called monstrosity previous plans had called for.

After so many meetings, so many comments and so much concern, developers unveiled a new design Tuesday night for a triangle of land on Grinstead Drive and Lexington Road near Cherokee Park.

“I think that it’s just an easier project, because there’s going to be a lot more support,” attorney Bill Barenwerper said as he explained the new design to a crowded room. “It’s certainly not going to be unanimous support.”

The design of the development dubbed “One Park” originally included three towers, one of them 34 stories tall. The new design features just one tower that will span 18 stories, along with fewer hotel and apartment units but more retail space.

“Within the 6-11 story podium with corner tower building, we anticipate the following: a luxury brand hotel in the corner tower of 193 rooms, which is a reduction of 106 rooms from the previous proposal; 421 apartment and/or condominium units, which is a reduction of 160 units from the previous proposal; 49,230 sf of ground level retail/restaurants, which is an increase of 8,294 sf from the previous proposal; and 1202 parking spaces, which is a 586 space reduction from the previous proposal,” Barenwerper wrote in a statement. “Offices could possibly be a substitute for the hotel.”

Many residents have called it “monstrous” and out of scale with the primarily residential area around Cherokee Park. Others have said One Park is an example of the bold projects that have led growth in cities like Nashville, but that Louisville lacks.

For some in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting, the new design is more palatable or just as palatable as previous designs.

“I’ll say thank you on two levels: one, for the boldness for the path forward, which I think our city need more of, and then also for listening,” Neville Blackmore said Tuesday night to a mixture of applause and boos.

“I think it moved in the right direction with the reduction in size and all,” Steve Makela added. “I’m pleased with that.”

Others still don’t like what they see and think “One Park” will change the area for the worse.

“I’m against the whole project,” Vesna Alac said. “First of all, visually, it doesn’t fit with the neighborhood. It’s going to affect historical districts, environment, traffic. So we can really list various, various reasons why we are opposed to this project.”

Developers said the new design will decrease the previous plan’s traffic by 25 percent. The design will need approval from various agencies and Metro Council before it can break ground.